ultrasuoni from Il Manifesto

Il Manifesto still values journalism that covers the arts! Guido Michelone is a big musical mind for cultural omnivores to follow. He acknowledges genre and style distinctions without hesitating to comment on anything that moves him.

La Stampa

Anyone from Atlanta old enough to remember The Silver Screen? When I was 16, I used to drive there and watch Italian movies -- Fellini and Pasolini mostly. "La Stampa" equalled "cool newspaper" to me. Here's an interview with Sergio and I in today's "La Stampa." When you get to be my age, it's these little 'circles' that matter. It's even "print only;" how cool is that?  

Premiere of concerto for electric guitar

I will lead the Orchestra Sinfonica Carlo Coccia in the world premiere of Bound, for electric guitar and chamber orchestra written for Sergio Sorrentino, guitar. Programmed in a concert of American music presented by the Società del Quartteto di Vercelli.

"domenica 24 maggio 2015 - 21,00"

Norfolk New Music Workshop

The Workshop is interactive in the truest sense, focusing on the process of musical creation and collaboration from concept to concert. Each composer will write two short works (one for the complete ensemble and one for guitars only) and collaborate on the compositions with performers over the course of the Workshop. All compositions are performed and recorded.

ARTIST-FACULTY INCLUDES: Artists and faculty are subject to change.

Martin Bresnick, composer/Workshop Director

Julian Pellicano, conductor

Lisa Moore, piano 

Van Stiefel, guitar/composer

Benjamin Verdery, guitar/composer

Yale Guitar Extravaganza

I'm a Fool to Care Lecture at Yale Guitar Extravaganza 2014: Composing for the Electric Guitar. Discussing hero Les Paul.


March 13, 2014. afterland for piano and video projection composed in memory of John August Otte. Performed by Carl Cranmer the piece combines a video layer of piano performance with live performance.

(photo by John Otte)

Daniel Lippel of ICE and Flexible Music plays from The Shape of Hands

Friend and collaborator plays from The Shape of Hands. December 18th, 2013

121 Ludlow St second floor Lower East Side New York 10002

'wrung' on Youtube

New Focus Recording recently put wrung from The Shape of Hands on Youtube. The editorial choice made me hear the piece differently. 

No matter how fixed we think a piece might be, there's always some variation of experience to be had that will change it altogether, forever. Listening to music changes it.

Big Think's Bob Duggan on Wyeth Songs

Stiefel’s Wyeth Songs redefines the idea of multimedia, snatching it back from modern technology and reclaiming it for the old school ideas of community, tradition, and love.

Bob Duggan

Barry Moser!

The AMAZING Barry Moser engraved a portrait of Andrew Wyeth for the premiere of Wyeth Songs happening 1/12.

Stay tuned for updates.

Contemporary Music at Fennario

The young and talented Quinn Dougherty put together a new music salon night at a local coffee house just after Xmas. I will always show up at such an event when it's less than 2 miles from home!